We are a low-carbon steel service center specializing in steel coil slitting, edge conditioning, steel sheeting and blanking, and toll processing of steel.

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Orders ranging from 500 pounds to truckload quantities

Gauges from .010 through .250 and widths 1/2” through 72” wide

In-house edging with the ability to do square edge, full round edge and deburred edge from .024/.260 up to 4” wide

We Want Partners – Not Just Orders

An ISO 9001:2015 certified steel center, Scott Steel provides top-quality steel and reliable steel processing capabilities. We take pride in treating our customers like partners, and you can expect communication every step of the way. You can also count on Scott Steel to deliver when you have orders others don’t want – such as small quantities or short lead times.

ISO Certification

Coil Slitting

Coil slitting services involve cutting large steel coils into narrower strips tailored to the specific width requirements for various applications. At Scott Steel, we have decades of experience and expertise in coil slitting.

  • Three narrow slitters with slitting capabilities down to .5” wide in gauge ranges from .010” to .260”
  • One master slitter, a  ¼” x 60” slitter with corrective leveler
  • 12,000 tons of raw steel inventory
  • A wide range of steel gauges, types and grades

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Coil Slitting
Scott Steel Edge Conditioning

Edge Conditioning

Edge conditioning is the process of smoothing, deburring or shaping the edges of steel strips to improve safety, handling and performance for end-user applications. At Scott Steel, we pride ourselves in our superior in-house edging capabilities.

  • In-house edging
  • From .024/.260 up to 4” wide
  • Square edge
  • Full round edge
  • Deburred edge

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Sheeting and Blanking

Steel sheeting is the process of running steel through a series of rollers that gradually reduce the thickness of the steel, while steel blanking is the process of cutting a sheet of steel into a specific shape or size to create a blank. At Scott Steel, we are committed to offering unsurpassed quality, which means you can expect orders to the exact thickness and dimensional consistency every time.

  • Cut-to-length sheet and precision blanks from 2” to 72” wide and from 2” to 240” long
  • Gauge from .010 to .260 thick

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Scott Steel Steel Blanking
Scott Steel Toll Processing

Toll Processing Steel

With toll processing, you provide us with the steel, and we’ll do the processing. At Scott Steel, we offer toll processing services for steel slitting and edge conditioning. Save time, investment and resources by allowing Scott Steel to handle these specialized steel processing services so you can focus on your core business operations.

  • Narrow slitting down to .5” wide in gauge ranges from .010” to .260”
  • In-house edging with the ability to do square edge, full round edge and deburred edge from .024/.260 up to 4” wide

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“A lot of larger service centers are only interested in my larger orders. Scott Steel allows me to order just the amount I need, which allows me to always be competitive on my bids for more business.”